life and tide waits for none....if technical aspects are considered, time too will join the league, but for me, it's been waiting and waiting a bit longer than usual for me! i wish i could be on the other side of this alluring river. but still my straw of belief is floating and it's floating really hard to cross it. i love my friends, and there will be hardly any argues over it, but my acquaintances also know that, i never spare my enemies! so those guys who are trying to take the advantage out of my situation take note! i am saying this for your own safety.
those who boast themselves as clever, and act accordingly, are just the opposite to me. these are a bunch of losers suffering severely from a 'lack of confidence' syndrome!
play hard. as hard as you can.. i appreciate it too.. but do it at your own risk!

My initial few days ...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 |

It was my first serious interview, and I had absolutely no idea about the job I am applying for! Even when my interviewer asked me about my cognizance regarding SEO, my reply was pretty blank. But when I got selected, I thought of it as some bread n' butter job that doesn't really require any qualification. How I was! I was introduced to my, rather I should say our, team leader Arun Jaiswal, who seemed to a very strange person to me. He was very vocal, and noticeably loud. My previous thoughts of a sophisticated TL received a gentle setback. I was introduced to our team, but for some unknown reason the ambiance was not really very congenial. But by the end of the day my initial ideas about Arunji had started to change, that in the next few days got completely flipped. He was a hard nut with a soft core, and most amazingly within no time i became his blue eyed boy. Most importantly he succeded to generate an interest in my ever inquisitive mind. I started to reinvent myself!